Introducing SST: Free model for strategy definition for SMB’s


“SMB’s are to small to have a strategy” true or not? But what about the fact that no strategy is also a strategy, there’s no escape! But where does this (wrong) believe comes from? Which are the premises it is based on?

True, few are the SMB’s that dispose of a formal and written strategy, which is communicated within the company. Who’s to blame? The entrepreneur? Is he lacking interest for the subject? Isn’t he aware of the benefits of a structured approach?

“A waste of time” will argue many managers when you talk about a structured approach. It is a fact that most of the strategy models are very demanding on two levels. First you have to study and understand the model. Did you make your way through the labyrinth? Congratulations! Now you need to find the time (a lot¨) to collect, analyze and synthesize the data… and you still wonder why SMB’s do not formalize their strategy?

The entrepreneurs are not the cause of the problem. Most of them “know” what they are doing and where they are going. They know their company; their field of action and their brains produces a lot of ideas and analysis that are turned into actions.

What they are missing is a simple structure, in which managers can structure their ideas, establish links between them, validate the chosen approach and fix clear objectives.

My SST Method (Strategy Short Track) wants to help SMB’s by simplifying the definition of a strategy based on a simple, down to earth pragmatic approach. It’s audacious for sure! Of course also this model has its weaknesses as theoretical perfection is not the priority and replaced by a very pragmatic approach. The big advantage of the SST is that it provides visible results already after a couple hours of work.

But let’s get started. You can download the model for free here. The first step in the model relates to the definition of your strategic domain. When you describe your domain, you have two possible options, whether you describe what you do (and you leave up to your customers to imagine what they could do with it) or you describe what you do for your customers (which corresponds to the value you create with your product or service). Take ten minutes and write down which is the value you create or want to create (in case you plan to launch a new activity or major evolution of your products).

In the next article coming soon, I will use this description to start our analysis. I will try to help you to structure your ideas in order to increase their performance in the next step of my model.

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About Bart Norré

Marketing and strategy are my passion since more than 25 years I perceive marketing as a profound human dynamic: emotions are the core subject of marketing. That’s why I am strongly interested in Neuromarketing and NLP. I love start-ups and believe in pioneership. As an executive manager I was involved in two famous start-ups in Fribourg, Switzerland. The IMTF group that evolved from 7 to 250 headcounts during my leadership of the company’s marketing strategy and Dartfish SA that has today sold more than 150’000 licenses of the software conceived and marketed by the department I led. 2003 I understood that my proficiency would bring more to society if it would become available to more than one company at once. The 3rd of March 2003 (03.03.03), TM Tandem Marketing was born with the mission to deliver integrated services and coaching to SMB’s. I love to share my passion and beside my two blogs (French and English) I teach at the School of Management in Fribourg and the University of Applied Sciences and Art of Western Switzerland.
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