Formalize your strategy to reduce your risks


Be it the evolution of your customer needs, the latest moves of your competitors or the newest business models on the market,… one thing is for sure: your business environment is constantly evolving. Nobody can predict the future but everybody can be prepared for it. Building a formalized strategy will not only help you reducethe risks but it will also improve your performance.

Furthermore formalizing your strategy brings substantial improvement for:

your reflection
observe your ideas and understand how they are interconnected

your communication
your stakeholders will feel confident and the people in your company more motivated and engaged

your management
your investments and action plans are under control

your innovation
your new ideas and opportunities get rapidly validated and put into action

The SST (Strategy Short Track)method conceived for and validated by numerous SMB’s will allow you to formalize your strategy.

SST provides a pragmatic, simple and rapid approach to define your stratégy, establish an action plan and implement control tools.

Available as an open source you can download your free copy here. You will also find on this blog the articles that will guide you through the SST.

to your success!

About Bart Norré

Marketing and strategy are my passion since more than 25 years I perceive marketing as a profound human dynamic: emotions are the core subject of marketing. That’s why I am strongly interested in Neuromarketing and NLP. I love start-ups and believe in pioneership. As an executive manager I was involved in two famous start-ups in Fribourg, Switzerland. The IMTF group that evolved from 7 to 250 headcounts during my leadership of the company’s marketing strategy and Dartfish SA that has today sold more than 150’000 licenses of the software conceived and marketed by the department I led. 2003 I understood that my proficiency would bring more to society if it would become available to more than one company at once. The 3rd of March 2003 (03.03.03), TM Tandem Marketing was born with the mission to deliver integrated services and coaching to SMB’s. I love to share my passion and beside my two blogs (French and English) I teach at the School of Management in Fribourg and the University of Applied Sciences and Art of Western Switzerland.
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