Neuromarketing is so much more than marketing!


Discussing the subject and importance of Neuromarketing with a colleague professor about the importance of Neuromarketing in our curriculum, the issue came up where should we position this rather new discipline. We rapidly came to the conclusion there’s so much more in Neuromarketing than marketing. That’s why I think there’s a distinction to make between a focused vision and an extended vision of Neuromarketing.

In the focused vision Neuromarketing is considered as a pure marketing speciality. It only concerns marketing geeks who are eager to learn about the newest insights in consumer behavior. For sure anything that can help marketers to better understand how their customers perceive their product, if they like it and finally buy it, is more than welcome to marketers who need to justify their ROI.

But Neuromarketing also brings an extension of the consciousness of who we are as human beings. If “all business is human”, the essence of Neuromarketing can provoke disruptive changes in many domains of a company. Everywhere human behavior is involved the insights of Neuromarketing have a great potential to bring new perspectives such as: HR, Sales, Project Management, Leadership, etc. These insights will create new opportunities for the improvement of processes or for the creation of new value.

At HONEUR we want to foster both, the focused as well as the extended vision, as we do not think one can really separate one from another. Indeed we are aware that in ourworkshops we work on both levels simultaneously.

to your success!


About Bart Norré

Marketing and strategy are my passion since more than 25 years I perceive marketing as a profound human dynamic: emotions are the core subject of marketing. That’s why I am strongly interested in Neuromarketing and NLP. I love start-ups and believe in pioneership. As an executive manager I was involved in two famous start-ups in Fribourg, Switzerland. The IMTF group that evolved from 7 to 250 headcounts during my leadership of the company’s marketing strategy and Dartfish SA that has today sold more than 150’000 licenses of the software conceived and marketed by the department I led. 2003 I understood that my proficiency would bring more to society if it would become available to more than one company at once. The 3rd of March 2003 (03.03.03), TM Tandem Marketing was born with the mission to deliver integrated services and coaching to SMB’s. I love to share my passion and beside my two blogs (French and English) I teach at the School of Management in Fribourg and the University of Applied Sciences and Art of Western Switzerland.
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