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More brand= more business, also true for SMB’s in B2B

Neuroscience indicates (read our last article) emotions are mandatory for decision making. If that’s true, we need to understand how we can exploit the power of emotions within our business, even if we are a SMB in B2B. There’s a … Continue reading

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Buy-ology, a must read

With a budget of 7 million $ Martin Lindstrom conducted a study about “why we buy”. The why being not necessarily a rationale, as this we know means much more a justification than a reason. Buying behavior like any other … Continue reading

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Spirituality, a new dimension in marketing?

Didn’t French writer Malraux predict “the 21st century will be spiritual or won’t be at all”? Well, for sure something’s happening. Lets start with Quantum Physics the latest and state of the art development in science. Quantum Physics describes physical … Continue reading

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