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INSTANT MARKETING: What do you offer NOW?

Living in the present moment is not only a spiritual Zen slogan. Though we (should) know better, our behaviour is very often defined by the actual environment.  And that’s why it is so important to ask yourself the question: “What … Continue reading

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Neuro Webmarketing: Can you sell 20% more online through social validation?

Recent studies brought to evidence that when recommendations were provided for a specific product or service, it sold 20% more as a product or service with no recommendations. (De Vries and Pruyn 2007). Though we might claim our liberty, independence … Continue reading

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Introducing SST: Free model for strategy definition for SMB’s

“SMB’s are to small to have a strategy” true or not? But what about the fact that no strategy is also a strategy, there’s no escape! But where does this (wrong) believe comes from? Which are the premises it is … Continue reading

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Virtuality is a bridge, nothing more but nothing less

In the internet & mobile world virtuality has been over estimated as if it could be a substantial value on its own and as such compete with reality.  True, virtuality’s attractivity comes from its unbeatable advantage that the sky is … Continue reading

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Dare to think and FEEL beyond your product: TCE (Total Customer Experience)

Is a Harley Davidson a) a motorcycle or b) is it an instrument which allows a 40+ to feel young and wild again? It’s not difficult to answer that question and I guess everybody knows the answer is b). As … Continue reading

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