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Is being “lucky” a key success factor in marketing?

It is a well-known fact: only 1 new launched product out of 8 becomes a real success. A big challenge faced by all companies. So should you surrender to fatality and pray for luck to be successful? I always wondered … Continue reading

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Three good reasons why you should help buying

Do you sell or do you help buying? It’s simply a question of who do you think is in control of the process, the customer or you? I think there is a lot of evidence, which suggests you should consider … Continue reading

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Only your customer can create value… but you can make it happen!

One of my favorite sayings is “the navel is the biggest labyrinth in the world”. There’s no better way to get lost than to concentrate on yourself and define the world around you accordingly. When talking about the creation of … Continue reading

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Can neuroscience really increase the efficiency of your website?

                    Did you know that when a customer enters a bookstore, there is 25% chance he will buy a book, but when he enters an online bookstore this success rate drops … Continue reading

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SST Step 5: Are you ready for the opportunities?

In our previous article we have analyzed which are the events that can prevent us from having success, taking in consideration our weaknesses. Let’s now take a look at the positive side of the business and analyze which events will … Continue reading

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SST Step 2: To open the doors of success, you need “key” success factors

As you know, the success of a company never comes by random.  When you count on random you might have to wait… When you count on your hard work you look for the best return. To optimize your work you … Continue reading

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SST step 1: How to define your strategic domain of activity? Example…

In my previous article, I invited you to define your strategic domain of activity. Were you able to describe it in terms of customer value? Or did you describe what you do without taking into account what your customers can … Continue reading

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