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Neuromarketing is so much more than marketing!

Discussing the subject and importance of Neuromarketing with a colleague professor about the importance of Neuromarketing in our curriculum, the issue came up where should we position this rather new discipline. We rapidly came to the conclusion there’s so much … Continue reading

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Is being “lucky” a key success factor in marketing?

It is a well-known fact: only 1 new launched product out of 8 becomes a real success. A big challenge faced by all companies. So should you surrender to fatality and pray for luck to be successful? I always wondered … Continue reading

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Neuromarketing is also a question of CULTURE

When you google Neuromarketing you might rapidly get confronted with fMRI Scanners or EEG curves. It could leave you with the impression this domain is only accessible to highly skilled scientists. A very select group of initiated specialists who can understand the … Continue reading

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Why should you care about NEUROMARKETING?

Neurosciences confirm: when your customers decide, very often their subconscious and above all their emotions are in the driver’s seat. Learning how to communicate with this part of the brain will increase the power of your marketing and communication programs. … Continue reading

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INSTANT MARKETING: What do you offer NOW?

Living in the present moment is not only a spiritual Zen slogan. Though we (should) know better, our behaviour is very often defined by the actual environment.  And that’s why it is so important to ask yourself the question: “What … Continue reading

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No emotions = no business, also true in B2B

Neuromarketing is often perceived as being a consumer business or B2C issue. I regularly get the question if Neuromarketing has something to offer to the B2B (Business to business)? My first answer to this question is what B2c and B2B … Continue reading

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Neuro Webmarketing: Can you sell 20% more online through social validation?

Recent studies brought to evidence that when recommendations were provided for a specific product or service, it sold 20% more as a product or service with no recommendations. (De Vries and Pruyn 2007). Though we might claim our liberty, independence … Continue reading

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