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Nobody can predict 100% the future but everybody can be prepared for it!

Be it the evolution of your customer needs, the latest moves of your competitors or the newest business models on the market,… one thing is for sure: your business environment is constantly evolving. Nobody can predict the future, but everybody … Continue reading

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Neuromarketing is so much more than marketing!

Discussing the subject and importance of Neuromarketing with a colleague professor about the importance of Neuromarketing in our curriculum, the issue came up where should we position this rather new discipline. We rapidly came to the conclusion there’s so much … Continue reading

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Why communication is a struggle for PLEASURE!

Have you ever wondered why your communication failed? Why people did not “get” the message? Why your “information” was not received? The struggle for pleasure concept provides a new insight how to avoid frustration and build productive communication. If we … Continue reading

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Are you a Winner?

Those who think winning and success is only a question of good luck might be tempted to take their company for a lottery ticket. True, a successful company has always to deal with a certain level of risk. But within … Continue reading

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Why should you care about NEUROMARKETING?

Neurosciences confirm: when your customers decide, very often their subconscious and above all their emotions are in the driver’s seat. Learning how to communicate with this part of the brain will increase the power of your marketing and communication programs. … Continue reading

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No emotions = no business, also true in B2B

Neuromarketing is often perceived as being a consumer business or B2C issue. I regularly get the question if Neuromarketing has something to offer to the B2B (Business to business)? My first answer to this question is what B2c and B2B … Continue reading

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Can neuroscience really increase the efficiency of your website?

                    Did you know that when a customer enters a bookstore, there is 25% chance he will buy a book, but when he enters an online bookstore this success rate drops … Continue reading

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What companies can learn from Italy’s victory in the Euro 2012?

Italy’s victory over Germany (2-1) yesterday came for many by surprise, but according to some basic human laws it was reasonably predictable. What made the Italian team stronger and more engaged than the German team? The secret is in one … Continue reading

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