Free Rapid Strategy Definition Method


My SST Method (Strategy Short Track) wants to introduce strategic thinking to SMB’s by simplifying the definition of a strategy. The SST is based on a simple, down to earth pragmatic approach and allow small companies and organizations  to define successful strategies.

The method is available for everybody as a word file. The only request I have is that you respect my copyright ownership and thus mention my references on any copy you might make of this method or parts of it. To help you use the method, I wrote 8 articles to guide you through the process and help you ask yourself the right questions.

Any constructive feedback is more than welcome and will help me to develop the method for the benefit of all.

Download your copy here


SST Step 1: How to define your strategic domain of activity?

SST Step 2: To open the doors of success, you need “key” success factors

SST step 3: How to analyze your competition?

SST step 4: What does really prevent you of being successful?

SST Step 5: Are you ready for the opportunities?

SST Step 6: How do you validate your strategies?

SST step 7: Do your strategies bring real change?

SST step 8: How do you fix your objectives and plan your actions?

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