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HAPPY STRATEGY! Yes, a formalized strategy can make you HAPPY!

Research shows a large majority of SMB’s does not have a formal strategy. It leaves me puzzled, as the benefits for your business are obvious. But maybe we should change the perspective from business to emotion to make strategy defining … Continue reading

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SST step 8: How do you fix your objectives and plan your actions?

Did you validate your strategies? Before moving to action, you first need to fix the framework how you are going to monitor their effectiveness. Remember, you defined your strategies to bring a change. You have to define their dynamic and … Continue reading

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SST Step 6: How do you validate your strategies?

In the previous steps you have defined strategies to protect yourself (step 5) and to take benefit of an opportunity (step 6). You are probably the happy owner of a bunch of strategies and it’s quite important to validate them … Continue reading

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SST step 3: How to analyze your competition?

In the previous step of the SST we spoke about how to define the key factors of success in your chosen strategic domain of activity and hope you made a straight trough assessment of your performance. Competitors can put obstacles … Continue reading

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SST Step 2: To open the doors of success, you need “key” success factors

As you know, the success of a company never comes by random.  When you count on random you might have to wait… When you count on your hard work you look for the best return. To optimize your work you … Continue reading

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