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SST step 8: How do you fix your objectives and plan your actions?

Did you validate your strategies? Before moving to action, you first need to fix the framework how you are going to monitor their effectiveness. Remember, you defined your strategies to bring a change. You have to define their dynamic and … Continue reading

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SST Step 6: How do you validate your strategies?

In the previous steps you have defined strategies to protect yourself (step 5) and to take benefit of an opportunity (step 6). You are probably the happy owner of a bunch of strategies and it’s quite important to validate them … Continue reading

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SST Step 5: Are you ready for the opportunities?

In our previous article we have analyzed which are the events that can prevent us from having success, taking in consideration our weaknesses. Let’s now take a look at the positive side of the business and analyze which events will … Continue reading

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Introducing SST: Free model for strategy definition for SMB’s

“SMB’s are to small to have a strategy” true or not? But what about the fact that no strategy is also a strategy, there’s no escape! But where does this (wrong) believe comes from? Which are the premises it is … Continue reading

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